Fitting modern thermally-efficient uPVC windows is an aesthetically appealing, durable, and cost-effective way to replace failing timber or outdated design PVC or Aluminium units.

Our uPVC windows range offers customized windows styles, each highly secure and almost maintenance-free. uPVC window design options include twin sash windows, sliding windows, side-hung windows, top-hung windows, tilt & turn windows, french windows, and glass-to-glass windows, offering the ability to specify uPVC window units that exceed an A++ efficiency rating. You can also take advantage of our seamless delivery and installation at your doorstep.

uPVC windows in India offer excellent value for money and are often more cost-effective compared with Aluminium windows. Choosing new uPVC door windows over Aluminium or wood will bring many more benefits to your house in terms of design, security, and energy efficiency.

Choose Reliable uPVC Windows Manufacturer in India

AIS Windows, one of the most reliable uPVC windows manufacturers in India, is the leading integrated uPVC windows company. Since the beginning, AIS Windows has focussed on providing a hassle-free experience to the customers from beginning to end. The long-lasting window glass is sourced from our parent company, AIS Glass, which has accumulated three decades of experience building durable materials for customers across the globe. Also, uPVC window price per square feet are competitive, and the unmatchable technical expertise in sound reduction, daylighting, energy efficiency, and safety is guaranteed.

why upvc windows ?

Our uPVC windows offer superior thermal, acoustic & mechanical properties specifically for Indian weather conditions. Below, we have enlisted some critical facts about our uPVC window designs that ensure the highest quality uPVC windows have been delivered:

key facts

uPVC is a simple choice that offers high energy efficiency and is highly versatile. The uPVC window designs are strong, robust, aesthetically pleasing, and secure. There is an option to suit your property with a wide range of styles and options to choose from.

Available Variants

We have been setting new paths in designing and manufacturing uPVC windows for the past three decades. We are coming up with new innovative and thoughtful ideologies for fabricating stylish and beautiful windows. Using a wide range of uPVC equipment available for various applications, we are one of the most reliable uPVC windows manufacturers in India, serving customers from the construction industry, residential apartments, and commercial properties.

Unlike wood and Aluminium, uPVC window designs retain their shape in challenging conditions and remain unhampered in case of any physical impact. As far as uPVC windows prices per square feet in India is concerned, they are the most affordable options available in the market. That is why uPVC window designs find various applications in construction, electronics, healthcare, automobiles, etc. As a low-maintenance alternative to painted timber, people usually use uPVC at different residential and commercial places:

Application Areas

  • Designed with maximum space for reinforcement supporting large-sized windows/doors.

  • Can be used in the hall and bedroom, allowing space-saving and 66% opening.

  • Can be used in small properties where opening space is a constraint both inside and outside.

  • Can be used in medium-sized bedrooms, guest rooms, halls, walkways, staircases, etc.

  • Toilets in Apartments

  • Villas

  • Farmhouses

  • Patios in Apartments

  • Hospitals

  • Retail Stores

  • Workspaces

high level safety

UPVC windows are known for their excellent safety features, making them a popular choice among homeowners. These windows are designed to be highly resistant to break-ins, providing an added layer of security for your home. The robust frames and multi-point locking systems used in UPVC windows make it extremely difficult for intruders to gain access. Additionally, UPVC windows are equipped with toughened or laminated glass, which further enhances their security. These windows are also highly durable and weather-resistant, ensuring that they can withstand harsh weather conditions and remain intact. Furthermore, UPVC windows are fire-resistant, which adds another level of safety to your home. With their numerous safety features, UPVC windows offer peace of mind, allowing you to feel secure in your own home.

benefits and features

UPVC windows offer numerous benefits and features that make them a popular choice for homeowners. One of the main advantages is their exceptional energy efficiency. UPVC windows are designed with thermal insulation properties, preventing heat loss and reducing energy consumption. This not only helps to keep the interior space comfortable but also reduces heating and cooling costs. Additionally, UPVC windows are highly durable and require minimal maintenance. Unlike traditional wooden frames, UPVC windows are resistant to rot, corrosion, and fading, ensuring long-lasting performance and aesthetic appeal. Furthermore, UPVC windows offer excellent sound insulation, minimizing noise from the outside environment. With their versatility in design and affordability, UPVC windows provide an attractive and practical solution for enhancing the overall aesthetics and functionality of any home.